INDEOtec builds and services automated multi-chamber cluster thin film
deposition systems for the fabrication of next-generation smart devices worldwide.

INDEOtec SA introduced the mirror reactor in 2018 and opened unprecedented possibilities to R&D labs and manufacturing pilot lines with its proprietary mirror technology.

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Octopus II Octo-Line

Who we are

INDEOtec is a company driven by innovation and committed to provide easy-to-use and top quality solutions that are truly cost saving and supporting for the transfer of new technologies into a viable solution. Our staff is comprised of a team of talented and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of thin film processing.

What we do

The OCTOPUS product family is a modular and fully automated cluster system with a variety of deposition modules. The OCTOPUS platform offers outstanding flexibility and reliability for research and volume manufacturing. The platform can be fully optimized for heterojunction PV cell devices.

Who we serve

Our customers are R&D (institutes and companies) as well as the manufacturing industry (PV, Opto-electronics, portable devices). INDEOtec supplies systems for a wide range of thin film deposition applications. The OCTOPUS platform is made to process onto rigid and slightly bended substrates, such as glass, wafers or metals/plastics.