INDEOtec’s Advisory Board
Heinz Kundert

Mr. Heinz Kundert

President, SEMI Europe

• As president of SEMI Europe, position he assumed in October 2005, Heinz is responsible for guiding the overall activities of SEMI as well as membership outreach all over Europe and the CIS countries. Mr. Kundert is also part of the Global Executive Team of Semi International.
• Heinz, who has over 25 years of professional experience in the semiconductor industry, began his career at Balzers in Lichtenstein, being then relocated to Asia to take a sales management position. He later became COO of Unaxis, a merger between Balzers and Leybold. Ultimately, he was designated CEO of Unaxis. Under his tenure, Heinz largely expanded Unaxis’ presence in the Asian market for the semiconductor, optics, optical discs, hard coatings, space and vacuum business, where more than 50% of the company’s revenues were generated.
• Most recently, Heinz received the “IC Industry Award for Leadership” at SEMICON Europa 2011. His work has gained him the respect and support of SEMI members, numerous organizations and industry bodies throughout Europe.
• Heinz has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration with a federal diploma from the FAH/University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Jacques Schmitt

Prof. Dr. Jacques Schmitt

Innovation Management Consultant

• Now a retired Professor from his many years of service at France’s renowned Ecole Polytechnique in France, Jacques currently acts as an independent consultant to a select group of firms in the technology sector.
• Being the father inventor of the Plasma Box®, he also holds title to more than 30 PECVD reactor and plasma process equipment patents.
• In the late 70’s he developed a special interest for reactive plasma processing, putting special emphasis on PECVD applied to amorphous silicon and derivative.
• In the mid 80’s, Jacques joined Solems, a spin-off company from Ecole Polytechnique where he focused on industrialization of a-Si:H based solar cells, which eventually led to the creation of Phototronics Solartechnik GmbH.
• In the 90’s, he joined Balzers Process Systems, where he served as Scientific Manager for the Display Division.
• While now he is very much involved in management of innovation, Jacques remains very active in the field of plasma reactor physics and chemistry.
• Jacques obtained his Ph.D. in Plasma Physics at Ecole Polytechnique and did post doctoral research work at Princeton University

Mathias Mölleney

Mr. Mathias Mölleney

Founder, peopleXpert

• PeopleXpert, company started by Mathias in 2006, is a Human Resource Management Consulting firm based in Switzerland. Under his motto “When times get tough, human resource management has to get even better” his company focuses on consulting, training and coaching companies and senior executive staff members who want to improve their personnel management skills and leadership competencies.
• Since 2010, Mathias also serves as President of the Center for Human Resources Management and Leadership at the University for Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ).
• Mathias gathered over 20 years of corporate experience at Lufthansa German Airlines AG, before serving as Director of Personnel at Swissair, Medica and Unaxis.
• Besides his corporate career, he has lectured at a number of universities, such as the University of St. Gallen and the Zurich College of Economics.
• He is the author of the book “Die Zukunft möglich machen (enable the future)” as well as a number of publications about HR management and Leadership