Corporate governance and values
Sustainable business & responsible management

Corporate governance

Corporate Governance

ur governance is built to achieve goals of a balance between entrepreneurial spirit and control, between performance and compliance with governance rules business and agreed procedures and processes.
Our governance particularly focuses in ensuring integrity and transparency and careful management of risk potential. It sets the goals of our company, the means to achieve and perform and how to evaluate performance. In this sense, our corporate governance is essentially an incentive value likely to contribute to the ability of the management to pursue objectives in the interests of all stakeholders.

Our values



With boldness and imagination, working to create the energy of the future by expanding our business through innovative research and technology to bring more and more quality of service and value to our customers and communities.

Performance and sustainable business

Guarantee the reliability of financial and accounting information, the effectiveness and efficiency of the conduct of business operations, the compliance with laws and regulations, in order to sustain and ensure long-term development.

Client focus

Client focus

Ensure clear and consistent communication with our clients as well as a compliance with signed agreements. Be constantly listening to our customers with rigor and professionalism to adapt to their needs, anticipate and build with them a strong and long lasting.



Be aware of the impact of our daily actions, of the social and environmental dimension of our business in order to exercise in a spirit of general common good.
Allow each manager to act for public interest and perform in a transparent way assuming full responsibility of his decisions.