Octopus I
R&D process development equipment for advanced c-Si and thin film silicon solar cells

Octopus I


ctopus I is a fully automated PECVD cluster equipment allowing our customers to reach wide range of process regimes for the deposition of Si based thin films. Entire system is mounted with turbo molecular and backing pumps to achieve high vacuum conditions.

The common tool is a cluster equipment with 8 ports around the central unit for accommodation of up to eight modules (loading/unloading station, depositions, characterization). The transfer chamber is equipped with a vacuum multi-axis robot to pick & place solar cells from one module to another.

Product line possesses following features:

OCTOPUS I offers a new type of PECVD reactor “IRFE - Integrated RF Electrode”

Integrated RF Electrode for PECVD

  • Excitation frequency capabilities going from 10 to 100 MHz
  • Mechanically adjustable inter-electrode distance
  • Reactor box with differential pressure system
  • Gas shower head
  • In-situ plasma etching with fluorinated gas


  • R&D customized equipment
  • Tasks and operation steps set by users
  • Wide range of process regimes

Reliability & Reproducibility

  • Fully automated with digital control of all major components
  • Excellent film thickness uniformity & batch to batch reproducibility
  • No cross-contamination between process modules


  • Advanced c-Si: intrinsic and doped amorphous silicon, a-Si:H, other Si alloys such as SiNx, SiOx for passivation
  • Thin film silicon: intrinsic and doped Si layers, a-Si:H, a-SiGe:H, μc-Si:H, other Si alloys such as SiNx, SiOx for passivation


  • Glass substrate: 125mm x125 mm
  • Si wafer substrate: 6" diameter